Commitment to Excellence

School Philosophy

We are committed to helping every student achieve their highest level of success.

School Commitments

Provide a positive, safe environment for learning. Develop creative, competent, self-directed thinkers. Prepare our children for an information-rich future. Build self-confidence and success through physical and mental well-being. Involve students in cultural experiences. Appreciate diversity and individual uniqueness through teacher, parent, and community involvement.

School Priorities: Every student, every day

Relationships: Students first; ensure all students receive an exemplary education that is academically challenging and meets their social and emotional needs.

Relevance: Eliminate opportunity gaps and achieve excellence by providing access to schools, resources, and learning opportunities according to each student’s unique needs.

Inclusivity: Strengthen our community by valuing people for who we are, nurturing our diversity, and embracing the contributions of all students, families, and staff.  Strive to provide culturally responsive best practices.

Collaboration: Foster partnerships with families, community, and staff to support the success of our students.

Innovation: Engage in forward-thinking conversations to identify bold ideas that enable us to be responsive to the expectations of our organization and community while cultivating creativity, critical thinking, and resourcefulness in our students.