ELD - The English Language Development (ELD) program is a federally funded curriculum designed to provide additional support to English language learners. The ELD program is designed to offer instruction in a small group setting. The focus of the program is oral language development.

PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is East School's behavior management program. PBIS focuses on teaching students behavioral expectations based on the three school rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. PBIS balances the reinforcement of good choices and correcting poor decisions. Throughout the school year, students have the opportunity to earn privileges and rewards for consistently meeting the school's behavior expectations. In addition to a specific consequence at the time of the infraction, students who have not met those expectations may not be allowed to participate in scheduled reward activities.

Interventions/Enrichment - At East School, the interventions teams meets biweekly to ensure that every student is receiving the appropriate level of intervention and/or enrichment to meet their needs. The interventions team, consisting of the principal, dean of students, counselor and teachers, review data and monitor the progress of students' academic, behavioral and social needs. A review of an individual student's needs is the first step in the intervention process.

Special Education - The Special Education program is a federally funded program designed to offer specific instruction in academics, behavior and communication for qualifying students. Each student has an individual education plan (IEP) developed by a team of caring individuals including the family, classroom teacher and special education staff.

Title I Reading and Math - The Title I program is a federally funded intervention program designed to give students additional instruction in specific reading and math skills. The Title I program at East School is designed to offer interventions in a small group setting. Title I is a program that is available to all students. The interventions range from moderate to intensive depending on the needs of the individual students.